Blue Shield? More like Blue Crap!!

Today, for my blog post, I will rant about a health insurance company that has inconvenienced me.

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My hometown in the Newspaper!

This morning I saw an article on my hometown in the LA times. Little old Arcata in the LA Times! We’re famous!

Actually, this isn’t the first time I remember Arcata being famous. There was like the time years ago when the city council decided to object to the Iraq war, or something. They wrote a letter that made minor headlines across the country. Also, the county in general is famous for having a lot of pot. And I heard that there is a logging show or something on TV filmed somewhere around here. They are also considering making a TV documentary about all the pot growers around here. And there was the movie “Humboldt County” that came out a couple years ago (I heard it wasn’t very good). So we’re known for a few things, but it’s still a surprise to see Arcata in an article in a big paper.

This one has to do with the transients. The ubiquitous homeless. The aggressive panhandlers. The very high (no pun intended) population of people that come through the town who will ask you for spare change. Some will ask you for ‘anything green’. It’s not uncommon for you to see cardboard signs asking you to “spare a dollar or a nug”. (And the music industry makes smoking pot seem so glamorous).

What made the news (well, to be technical, an it was an editorial) is a new local law against “aggressive panhandling”. The aggressive panhandling problem isn’t nearly as bad as it was, say, four years ago. Back then, being harassed by roving gangs of loud, drunk homeless was just part of walking arund downtown. Some residents were so sick of it that they started wearing shirts with bold lettering stating straight out “F*** ARCATA TRANSIENTS”. They were not uncommon either, I think a guy was selling them at the skate park or something, and you would see people actually wearing those shirts around town. It’s gotten a little better (maybe the shirts worked!) Continue reading

Almost done with a project

Whoo Hoo! I am almost done with a project. I think. I thought this before, but things kept happening. Now I think I’m almost done for real. Creating new stuff is what gets my juices flowing, endlessly changing things around or endlessly sorting through the code of a plugin I probably won’t ever use again… not so much. Maybe if I was getting paid for it, I would like it more. I look forward to the day I can ask for money by the hour. But I am finally almost done! There’s some bugs, and some browser issues *ahem internet explorer, but everything from here on out can be touched up with css. I’m taking the day off today, but I will fix it up soon. Here’s a link: Saludos Isn’t it beautiful? (assuming you aren’t using internet explorer and/or I have gotten around to fixing the css issues).
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Weight Loss Adventures

I was one of those guys who could eat, and eat, and eat, and never gain a pound. Not because I had a good metabolism though, but because I weighted 270 and it took a little over 3K calories a day to maintain my weight. Well, I had been feeling that it was time to lose a little for a while, so I waited until after I had moved into a new place and then joined the nearby gym. It’s not a huge gym like the 24 hour fitness mega gym I used to go to ten years ago but it’s not that small either, so it works out ok.
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The God Particle “Explanation for non Scientists”

I don’t want to waste much time here, so I’ll get to the point.

I have clicked on multiple articles promising an explanation of the Higgs Boson for non scientists in the past few days. None have delivered.

So here is the truth.

There is no explanation for non-scientists.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the Higgs Boson:

“Has been proposed to explain the origin of mass by the spontaneous symmetry breaking of the SU(2) x U(1) gauge symmetry.
SUSY theories predict more than one type of Higgs boson”

You want a nice short and sweet explanation for that?

However, I can list a few facts, summarized for you in one easy place. I separated these facts into three categories: general physics facts, higgs boson facts, and loosely related facts. Enjoy!

General Physics Facts

  • Most people know that nothing can go faster than light. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can never measure anything going faster than light, even if you are going almost light speed yourself. If you are going light speed one way, and something else is going light speed the other way, an onlooker might see the distance between you and the other thing growing at twice the speed of light. But you would see the distance between you and the object growing at light speed. Essentially, you would be seeing space and time differently than the onlooker.
  • When you go near light speed, you gain mass, your time slows down, and space warps. This is not an illusion. Time, space, and mass are not absolute for everybody.
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Eye Color Logic Puzzle – With a Thorough Explanation

Wow, for some reason I got a lot of views the other day! About four times the normal amount for my collection of internet rants (the normal amount is around 10 views/day). At first I thought it had something to do with the post about how I got drunk and decided to send a facebook message which ultimately lead to a job interview. I thought this because I noticed that post got a few new likes since I last signed in to the site admin area. But then I checked my stats, and it turns out most of the view were on a different post where I listed a bunch of communist/Latvian jokes. Maybe that post just showed up in Google or something. Anyway, it’s just a bunch of jokes making fun of communists and Latvia in particular. Ahh making fun of others, if there is one thing that unites the human race, it’s that we can all have a good time making fun of others.

But making fun of others does require a touch of delicacy. People can sometimes be very sensitive about who they are. And sometimes, it gets taken to extremes. In fact, anthropologists have discovered an island where people are very, very sensitive about their eye color, of all things. In fact, they are so sensitive about eye color that even just talking about it is absolutely forbidden. Eye color is never, ever, ever, ever talked about. It is also taboo to discover your own eye color, so there are no reflective surfaces to be found anywhere, and there’s no ponds or anything where you can see your own reflection. In fact, if anyone ever even figures out their own eye color, their belief is that they have to commit ritual suicide in the village square the next day. They will do it, too. They take that rule very seriously.

As fate would have it, they are also extremely logical people. If something can be figured out logically, they will always manage to do it. Now, turns out that there were exactly 100 blue eyed people and 100 brown eyed people in this tribe. Sounds unbelievable right? Well I saw it for myself one day when my anthropologist buddy took me there. When we got there were greeted by some blue eyed folk. Unfortunately, I forgot that talking about eyes was taboo, and when I got there the first thing I said was “Wow, there are people with blue eyes here!” and I said it loud enough for every person on the island to hear. Needless to say, this was quite a faux pas and because of that they politely asked us to leave. Paddling back to the mainland, my anthropologist buddy said “You idiot! If anyone in this culture ever figures out their eye color they have to commit suicide! …And y-y-you d-don’t know these guys. They always figure stuff out!” “Pssshh big deal” I said. “They can all see that there are people with blue eyes there already, and I didn’t say that anyone in particular had blue eyes, so I didn’t tell them anything they didn’t know already. Chill, brah, just chill.” My buddy said “I don’t know, broseph, I got a bad feeling about this..”

The problem: did anyone on the island end up committing suicide because of my statement and if so how many and on what day?

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Getting paid, getting screwed.

So I say I can make websites. And right now, it’s looklng like this whole website racket just might work out! It’s nice to make a bit of money on the side, learn a skill, and it’s especially nice to make some extra money for myself. No employer in this stingy town will ever hire anyone for over 30 hours a week because otherwise they would have to pay for medical insurance, god forbid. It kinda makes it hard to live here to be honest. The high rents from all the college students and all the pot growers don’t make things any easier. Personally, I don’t mix well with the pot growing crowd, and I really don’t care to become part of that scene, so making money in the rather substantial local pot economy was never really an option for me. Instead, I would rather be clean and sober, and be rewarded with an $8 dollar an hour part time job for my efforts. Kinda ironic in a way, but once I can get my business going, I’ll show them. I’ll show them all! Mua hahahaha

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